Crestone Energy Fair

energy fair home tourOn Labor Day Weekend, sustainable energy experts, demonstrations, films, vendors, and music fill the town parks. Formerly the Crestone Alternative Energy Fair, this event has occured annually for more than 20 years. Hands-on workshops on natural building, bio-fuels, and alternative energy are available during the 3 day event. The Fair also includes a very popular Sustainable Home Tour, featuring straw bale, cob, adobe, earthship, earthbag, cordwood, papercrete, aer block, and other alternative construction methods.

Town Staff

Town Clerk: Allyson Ransom
Treasurer: Gwynn Busby
Public Works Coordinator: Gretchen Nelson
Public Works Assistant: Jackie Gosswiler
Building Inspector: Charles Sommers
Water System ORC: Ann Bunting
Office Assistant: Melinda Davis

Planning Commissioners

Chair: Christina Cabeza
Vice Chair: Renée Hill
Commissioner: Kairina Danforth ex-officio
Commissioner: Terry Goergen ex-officio
Commissioner: Kimberlee Best
Alternate Commissioner: Carmin Teeple
Ex-officio Alternate: Benjamin Byer